There is something so utterly charming about enjoy food outside. In fact as soon as it feels warm enough here in the UK you will find the scent of bbq’s filling the air as us Brits rush out to enjoy every moment we can get of those summertime evenings. Why is it such a popular thing? I think it is because we simply can’t get enough of that feeling a BBQ brings, the feeling of not working and enjoying time outside. 

As I write I can imagine it right now, the sunshine, the smell of burning coals, that sizzle as the first bit of food hits the hot rack. Barbecue time.

Even though summer is well and truly in flow one thing I think we can never tire of is cooking and eating food outside. It almost feels like instant holiday when you do and for me and so many, injecting just a smidge of holiday vibes into a plain weekday is something that I relish. Just sitting and breathing in in an outdoor environment intensifies the experience ten fold. Food, outdoors, friends, family, laughter, it always seems like a real gift. Those moments of really enjoying food can be yours, its not a hard thing to have for yourself and here is why.

For us here at Imp & Maker, we want to give you a really special experience when it comes to enjoying our burgers. Every Item in our hampers is handpicked to build a delicious food experience for you to enjoy. It is important to us that when you unpack your hamper that you are filled with excitement and eagerness to want to cook and enjoy our food. For us Our Ultimate Burger and Beers Experience is truly exciting, not only do you get fine ingredients to make yourself an Ultimate Burger but the food shares a space with a huge selection of craft beers. Its such an exciting experience, food and drink together, making a real celebration of eating and drinking. 

We really love this hamper for sharing with friends. It is full of treats to share, from amazing snacks to enjoy with those first few beers into the actual burgers themselves. What’s joyous about these burgers though is the quality you will find in each ingredients. The Burgers themselves, full of flavour, ready to be grilled or even better, barbecued. These burgers then dressed with bacon, poacher cheese and salad really makes for a big taste. At Imp & Maker we want to give you the whole experience so teaming beers burgers really is what it is all about. Grab your friends, enjoy an evening and dive into a food experience that will leave you eating and drinking for hours.  

And before the sun goes away and outdoor eating becomes wishful thinking, why not try our Ultimate Burgers and Beers hamper. I for one know that when the barbecue is hot enough and those burgers are cooking, it feels like a real celebration of summer. A classic meal to enjoy. To savour. To experience when the sun is setting and the sky is all rosey and when we can just forget the work day and simply be. Food, friends, moments.

You can try our Signature and Luxury Burgers and Beers experience, full of award winning produce, through using the links below.