Simple ingredients, simple methods.

Stamfrey Farm like to let nature do most of the work to create their unique delicious dairy products. Everything they make on the farm comes from the milk produced by their organic, grass-fed cows who contentedly graze the fields overlooking the North Yorkshire Moors.

The story behind the clotted cream. Sue grew up in Cornwall. She asked a visiting friend to bring clotted cream as she missed ‘the taste of home’. Instead of receiving a pot of cream she was presented with a separator and told ‘make your own’ - so she did!
Stamfrey Farm Organics new brand of Yorkshire organic yoghurt, YORG, started out as a trial in pans on the Aga. The smooth and refreshing yoghurt boasts numerous nutritional benefits. YORG, the unique Scandinavian style yoghurt, from Yorkshire.

Stamfrey Farm Organics make the most of the natural energy systems, their cows are managed on only grass, clover and organic feed, with much of the farm's electricity demand supplied through a solar PV system. Success relies on the sunlight.