Fresh Drop

Fourteen years ago, we thought there was a better more ethical way to do business. We decided then by working with local farmers and growers we could support smaller family farms into larger more sustainable markets. After approaching these farmers and setting up fresh drop our business has grown from strength to strength. We are now proud to support our local community, supplying fresh produce to homes, schools, colleges, restaurants, farm shops, cafes and more recently, our amazing National Health Service. Throughout our journey we've remained committed to our single vision - "Keep it local, wherever possible, if its grown here, we source it here". 

Naturally, we cannot get everything locally due to climate and availability challenges - but if it is available locally - we source it. It's that simple.

local produce • family business • fresh produce
We are a family business supporting local farmers and producers and helping them to secure new routes to market. We secure only the freshest, highest quality produce from our farming partners and supply an array of customers.

More recently we have moved into the speciality fruit and vegetable market. We procure multi coloured vegetables and exotic fruits from the most reputable supply chains.