Chocolate S’mores & Hot Chocolate Gift Set


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  • Simon’s All Butter Shortbread Biscuits  90g
  • Cox & Co Chocolate Sharing Shards - Single Region Pure Cacao 120g
  • Spice Kitchen The Yummiest Hot Chocolate 100g
  • Naked Marshmallow's - Vanilla Bean Flavour 120g


Make delicious s’mores at home with our best-selling marshmallow s’mores gift set!
What’s a s’more? A s’more is a sweet snack which consists of a toasted marshmallow, sandwiched between chocolate and biscuit.

Our deliciously curated S’mores and Luxury Hot Chocolate Gift Set has been taste tested by even the most fussy children and grown-ups!!! Easy to prepare no flames required (if you don’t want the fuss). Simply add the sweetest vanilla bean marshmallows to the light and fluffy shortbread and top with the pure dark chocolate to add that perfect balance of bitterness and sweetness. Pop in the microwave for between 20 and 30 seconds – yummy and scrumptious.

Washdown with award-winning hot chocolate and top with the leftover marshmallows.


The perfect sweet treat or gift.

Simons Shortbread Biscuits

Simon's Shortbread is a crisp, light shortbread that literally melts in your mouth and is a scrumptious accompaniment with our S’mores Gift Set. They are also equally as delicious with morning coffee or afternoon tea.


About the Maker

Simon's Table is a small artisan food business based in picturesque South Norfolk and run by husband and wife Simon and Nicola. Simon and Nicola are proud to bring to your table a disparate group of products that are special and different to what you might find on the market elsewhere. Ingredients, where ever possible are sourced locally and of the highest quality. Production waste is minimal and even the remaining pith and pips from the marmalade production are composted.

Cox&Co Chocolate Sharing Shards - Single Region Pure Cacao

These delicious sharing bags from Cox&Co in chocolate shards can be enjoyed with a fellow chocolate fiend, or maybe a treat to keep all to yourself. Sometimes one bar isn’t enough, and these re-sealable bags keep your chocolate fresh and are perfect to melt with marshmallows and shortbread. These great Makers use the best chocolate they can find, combine it with unique flavours and create something they are proud to put their name on.

About the Maker

Founder, Gavin Cox, spent much of his younger years in the same place that all of his Cacao is lovingly grown - South America. So when developing Cox&Co., he knew that to create the best tasting chocolate, above all else he had to use what he feels is the best Cacao in the world, and it had to be produced as ethically as possible. 

Working with business partners to develop not only the best flavour combinations, but also how to make this a bar of chocolate to feel good about, Gavin decided to work with Luker Chocolate, an estate in Colombia. Luker Chocolate invest in their farmers, communities and have developed environmentally sustainable farming methods, meaning that Cox&Co. could guarantee all of their cacao was fully traceable, slave labour free and tasted incredible.

From start to finish, Cox&Co has been focused on producing chocolate that doesn’t make people choose between being ethical or enjoying an indulgent treat; this is a chocolate range that places equal importance on both. All of the packaging used is fully sustainable, plant based and fully recyclable or home compostable.

It’s a treat that you can feel great about enjoying. 

Their packaging is beautifully designed by Dawn (Gavin’s Mother-in-law and our very own IMP Director Paige's, Nan!)  

Spice Kitchen The Yummiest Hot Chocolate

A simple yet delicious blend that delivers the ultimate hot chocolate experience.
We all know that there aren't many things in this world more sublime than good quality chocolate.
That's why Spice Kitchen has explored the planet to discover what we believe is the finest quality cacao powder.

How to enjoy
All you need to do is mix it up and drift into chocolately heaven.
Just stir up 25g per person with hot milk.
Take your time to devour this delicious drinking chocolate.

It's gluten and dairy-free, so there's no need for anyone to miss on this delicious treat.
*Suitable for vegans
*Responsibly sourced
*Available in two delicious flavours
*Environmentally friendly
*Made with love

About the Makers


Mother and son team Shashi & Sanjay are producing award winning spices, spice blends and gin botanicals with items for the keen home cook as well as delicious hot chocolates and gifts for loved ones. This dynamic duo have real talent!

As a family run business they are proud to support other families around the world. Which is why, when you place an order, they donate to The Akshaya Patra Foundation to support children in India to receive nutritious mid-day meals. Food with conscience.

Naked Marshmallow's - Vanilla Bean Flavour

These gourmet vanilla bean marshmallows are made in the UK by artisans and contain no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives - that’s why they’re Naked. They make the most delicious gooey marshmallow s’mores.

About the Maker

The Naked Marshmallow Company was founded in 2014. Handmade in the UK, their marshmallows are 100% natural and contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives - that’s why they are naked!

Team Naked work hard to create unique and fun products and were the original creators of the worlds first Marshmallow Toasting Gift Set, the worlds first Marshmallow Advent Calendar!

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IMP & MAKER are proud supporters, and avid fundraisers for Farm Africa.