Fresh Scallops in Shells


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These Fresh Scallops are sourced daily. Each scallop has been cleaned and hand-cut to make sure only the best scallop meat is selected and supplied as scallops in shells ready for you to cook at home on the half shell.

Cooking scallops in the half shell is great as the shell acts as a small dish and stands up well to the heat. Chop up your favoured ingredients, for example thyme, lemon juice, butter and some garlic then grill. The juices all mix together to cook the scallop in a delicious sauce.

Cooking scallops in the half shell work well when grilled and even when placed directly on some hot embers of a fire of on the BBQ!

You can retain the shells as a beautiful serving dish for other seafood delights.

Please consume within 3 days if kept refrigerated or follow instructions on the product label. 

Allergens Fish & Molluscs

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