Whole Cooked King Prawn Crevettes - Frozen


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  • WHOLE COOKED KING PRAWN CREVETTES - 1kg Boxed - Frozen head on shell cooked Crevette prawns (25-30 per box)


• Each pack contains Whole Cooked Prawns, Head and Shell for added Luxury & Presentation
• They Make a Perfect Show Stopping Starter or Main Course

Crevettes are giant cooked prawns in their shells. As you can tell from the name, they're a French speciality, although the prawns themselves come from warmer climates & our Makers are Spanish due to sustainable farming practices and quality of their Prawns.

They're ready to eat after peeling and deveining, although you could reheat briefly and serve warm. And they are delicious. This is one of the most popular formats in which we sell king prawns.

All deveining instructions are on the pack. Please note that the size of the prawns in the boxes are likely to fluctuate from prawn to prawn being an all naturally farmed product. 

Thaw in a refrigerator to consume. 

Allergens Fish & Molluscs

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