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Hamper Contents

28 Items:

  • Gavi 'Fossili' San Silvestro 2021
  • Barolo 'Patres' San Silvestro 2018
  • Di Martino Spaghetti with Dolce & Gabbana 500g
  • Brilla Prosecco Doc 75cl
  • Santal Pesca Peach Juice x 2 25cl
  • Diforti Salame Toscano Whole 125g
  • Diforti Salame with Fennel Whole 125g
  • Diforti Salame Ventrica Sliced 80g
  • Diforti Coppa De Parma Sliced 80g
  • Diforti Prosciutto Crudo di Parma Sliced 100g
  • Bontaleggio Mauri Tellaggio 200g
  • Bontazola Mauri Gorgonzola 200g
  • Diforti Sicilian Pecorino with Black Pepper 200g
  • Diforti Foccacia 100g
  • Diforti Ndjua Calabrian Spreadable Salami 180g
  • Diforti Sicilian Salted Anchovies in Oil 90g
  • Belazu Semi-Dried Balsamic Tomatoes 330g
  • Belazu Balsamic Vinegar of Modena 250ml
  • Organic Olio di Puglia 500ml
  • Diforti Sicillian Oregano 20g
  • Diforti Sicilian Cherry Tomato Sauce 330ml
  • Diforti Nocellara Del Belice Olives 180g
  • Gluten Free Salted Caramel Cannoli 200g
  • Gluten Free Pistachio Cannoli 150g
  • Amaretti Classico 170g
  • Tre Marie Gianduja Wafers 45g
  • Limoncello Finest Liqueur 75cl

Allergens: Sulphites, Wheat, Milk, Hazelnuts, Almonds, Soya, Barley, Peanuts, Pistachio, Egg, Fish

Product Information

Foodies who love an authentic taste of Italy will be transported to the sunny Mediterranean with our Grande Italian Food Hamper, overflowing with the finest produce from our fabulous makers and growers, and ideal for entertaining friends and family or as a gift for a special occasion.

Take yourself to the iconic Harry’s Bar in Venice by kicking off with a sparkling peach Bellini aperitivo, made with refreshingly crisp and fruity premium Brilla Prosecco Doc and velvety sweet Santal Pesca peach juice, truly the perfect way to start your Italian dining experience.

We’ve expertly curated this inimitable IMP & MAKER hamper to include a delicious selection of traditional cured parma ham, prosciutto and salami from Diforti, along with artisan hard and soft Italian cheeses, tasty balsamic tomatoes, Nocellara olives and crispy focaccia to create the most tempting antipasti sharing board.

And what could be more of an Italian foodie favourite than the finest Di Martino Dolce & Gabbana spaghetti, combined with award-winning tomato sauce and salty anchovies from Sicily. We’ve included everything you need for the perfect pasta ‘primi’ from Organic Olio di Puglia olive oil to bold and pungent Sicilian oregano. Whether you prefer white or red to go with your meal, we’ve got you covered with a duo of the finest San Silvestro wines from Piedmont in Northern Italy. For the white wine lovers, Gavi Fossili is crisp and zesty with hints of green apple, mineral and spice, whilst red wine fans will adore the smooth dried fruit, roses and tar notes of the Barolo Patres.

We really couldn’t give you the ultimate Italian dining experience without a touch of la dolce vita so we’ve also added crunchy amaretti biscuits, creamy chocolate hazelnut Gianduja wafers and our absolute favourite, deliciously decadent pistachio and salted caramel cannoli. To round it off, indulge in a sweet and citrussy Luxardo Limoncello served chilled, the perfect after dinner digestif.

Tutto delizioso - buon appetito!

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