Luxury Barbeque & Beer Food Experience


Our Luxury BBQ and Beers Food Experience brings gourmet-style outdoor living to a location of your choice. This isn’t your average BBQ box! To be enjoyed with friends and loved ones, dive into our carefully curated experience, full of award-winning, artisan food and beers.

You’ll need to make sure you chill your beers and ales so you can enjoy a sip or two whilst preparing the Ultimate Wagyu burgers, topped with Dingley Dell dry cured smoked streaky bacon, Lincolnshire Vintage Poacher Cheese, all served in a freshly baked Myers’ Sesame Seed Bun with the juiciest slices of beef tomato, red onion, and fresh crispy lettuce. Top with Great Taste Award Sauce Shop Tomato Ketchup for extra bursts of flavour. To accompany your burger, we have included Melody Potatoes so you can serve with our fabulous potato wedges. We make everything nice and easy too, with our tips and recipes included.

It doesn’t end there, to ensure this experience creates a social, fun vibe, we have delicious snacks for you to serve including pickled gherkins (also delicious on your burger), Belazu Chill nuts, delicious Oink pork scratchings and Snaffling pigs porky puffs – why not wash these down at the end of your experience with one of our unique and fresh dessert beers?

Just WOW! Party time!

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Trenchmore Wagyu Burgers 5oz x 4 Dingley Dell Dry Cure Smoked Streaky Bacon Myers' Sesame Seed Burger Buns x 4 Lincolnshire Vintage Poacher Cheese 264g Sauce Shop Tomato Ketchup 255g Melody Potatoes 2kg Lettuce x 1 Beef Tomato x 1 Red Onion x 1 OINK Salt & Vinegar Pork Scratchings 100g OINK Salted Pork Scratchings 100g Serious Pig Snacking Pickles x 1 Belazu Chilli Nut Mix 100g The Snaffling Pig Co. Low & Slow BBQ Porky Puffs 45g Craft Lagers x 2 Craft Pale Ales x 2 Craft IPAs x 2 Dessert Beers x 2 *Beers may change due to availability

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