Sodastream 7UP Free Sparkling Drink Mix 440ml


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  • Sodastream 7UP Free Sparkling Drink Mix 440ml x 1


All the crisp, clean and refreshing lemon and lime taste of 7Up but with no sugar. And now on tap with this 7Up Free Sparkling Drink Mix, which has been specially prepared for use with your Sodastream drinks maker – and there’ll be no need to store and dispose of piles of cans and single-use plastic bottles either.

It couldn’t be simpler to make – just fizz up cold tap water in your Sodastream, add Pepsi Max mix up to the inner middle line of the Pepsi Max bottle’s lid, add to your fizzy water, put the lid back on your Sodastream bottle, give it a shake to mix, then enjoy.

440ml bottle makes around nine litres of 7Up Free.

Suitable for vegetarians 

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