Spiced Rum & Fruit Cake


Hamper Contents:

  • The Original Cake Company 9 Piece Fruit Cake
  • Warner's Spiced Rum 70cl



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Introducing IMP & MAKER's Spiced Rum and Fruit Cake Hamper - a tantalizing fusion of rich flavours and exceptional craftsmanship. This splendid gift set epitomises our commitment to quality and sophistication, making it a remarkable choice for any discerning connoisseur. Within this beautifully presented gift set, you will find:

Indulge your taste buds in the scrumptious delight of The Original Cake Company's 9 9-piece Fruit Cake. Crafted with meticulous care, this fruit cake is a symphony of plump, succulent fruits intertwined with the aromatic warmth of traditional spices. It's a timeless delicacy that can be shared with loved ones or savoured in moments of pure indulgence.

Take your taste buds on a voyage of discovery with Warner's Spiced Rum, a 70cl bottle of exquisite liquid artistry. This fine rum is masterfully infused with a selection of handpicked spices, resulting in a delightful complexity of flavours that dance on the palate. Crafted with passion and expertise, it's an ideal companion for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

Our Spiced Rum and Fruit Cake Hamper is thoughtfully curated and elegantly packaged, making it the perfect gift for any special occasion. Whether you're celebrating, expressing gratitude, or simply spoiling yourself, this gift set is a harmonious blend of quality and indulgence that will create lasting memories.

Elevate your gift-giving with IMP & MAKER's Spiced Rum and Fruit Cake Hamper, a testament to our commitment to excellence and an invitation to explore the world of refined taste and sophistication.

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