Thanks for Hosting - Non Alcoholic Red Wine


Raise a toast to your gracious host with Noughty Dealcoholized Rouge, a non-alcoholic red wine with all the rich flavours and complexities of traditional red wine but with an ABV of just 0.5%. It's the perfect way to enjoy the festive spirit without the alcohol content.

Treat your host to the exquisite taste of Charbonnel et Walker Mint Thins. These delicate, crisp chocolates are infused with a hint of mint, offering a refreshing and indulgent experience that complements the wine beautifully.

Add a touch of Mediterranean flair to the gift with Silver and Green Paprika Chilli Olives. These plump and flavourful olives are marinated to perfection, with a subtle hint of paprika and chili for an extra kick of spice.

Champagne & Fizz: Add a touch of charm to their kitchen with the Jessica Anderton Designs Tea Towel, featuring a whimsical Champagne & Fizz design. This high-quality tea towel is not only practical but also a delightful decorative addition to any home.

This Christmas Thanks for Hosting - Non-Alcoholic Red Wine Hamper from IMP & MAKERS is a token of your gratitude that speaks volumes. Whether it's for a gracious host, a thoughtful friend, or a family member, this gift is sure to be appreciated. Celebrate the spirit of giving and thankfulness this holiday season with this beautifully curated hamper. Order yours today to express your heartfelt thanks in style.