Exceptional Essentials Tapas Trio


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Our trio of Salchicon de Bellota, Jamon de Belotta and Chorizo de Bellota has been impeccably sourced from the Iberican town of Jabugo, Spain. These lovingly curated packs offer a taste of only the finest Signature Spanish produce for you to enjoy on their own, or as part of a tapas sharing experience. Please visit the recipes page of our website for inspiration on how to use these truly exceptional cured meats.

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Sliced Salchichon Iberico de Bellota 80g Sliced Chorizo Iberico de Bellota 80g Sliced Jamon Iberico de Bellota 80g

Hamper Inspiration

Our thoughtfully curated Iberico Taster Trio has been listed due to popular demand for these products, which are packed full of flavour. The unmatched savoury experience is developed through the pigs' ability to freely roam in vast open pastures in Spain's beautiful Huelva province. Their diet of freshly fallen acorns and other natural products produces a distinctly divine flavour unlike any other.