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  • Triple Cheese Selection - With award-winning, Vintage Lincolnshire Poacher 264g, Colston Bassett, Gold Award Creamy Stilton 150g & Taleggio, a semi-soft Italian Cheese 200g.
  • Peter’s Yard Sourdough Crackers Selection 280g. Containing Original Sourdough Crackers, Rye & Charcoal Sourdough Crackers, Poppy Seed Sourdough Crackers.
  • Tracklements Caramalised Onion Marmalade 345g 

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Our expert selection of Triple Cheeses in a beautifully presented Gift Box, offers best in class Cheeses with perfectly paired accompaniments.

The famous LINCOLNSHIRE POACHER VINTAGE Cheese is one of the few cheeses made on the east coast of England, where dairy farming is less prevalent. An award-winning, handmade cheese matured for between 14-16 months. With a smooth texture and a powerful rich flavour. It's densely creamy, and has been compared to a French Comté. Sweet and fruity, but can range towards more deeply savoury notes.

COLSTON BASSETT STILTON - An intensely rich and creamy Stilton , with a deep, lingering, complex flavour. Winner of "Gold" at the World Cheese Awards 2018, it is one of the last remaining hand-ladled Stiltons. Hand-ladling produces an intensely rich and creamy cheese; and the Colston Bassett flavour is deep, lingering and complex.

Local milk is left to set under the watchful eye of Billy Kevan, only the fourth head cheese-maker since 1920. The curd is gently cut into small cubes and left to settle. It is then drained and hand-ladled into curd trays. The next morning it is milled and packed into stilton hoops where it will drain naturally before being rubbed and put into the maturing rooms.

After four to six weeks and again one week later, Colston Bassett Stilton is pierced to allow air to get in, so oxygen penetrates the cheese and the blue veins can develop.

Stilton’s origins date back to the 18th century when it was eaten at The Bell Inn, Stilton. Now a protected cheese, Stilton can only be made in the counties of Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Leicestershire. Colston Bassett Stilton is often considered to be the best. Little has changed since they started making cheese in 1913, and they still use the milk from four of the original local farms that set up the co-operative in the beginning. The reputation of the dairy has gone from strength to strength, and it is now famous for making Stilton that is velvety and smooth, with a full, well-balanced, sweet and ‘mineral-y’ flavour.

BONTALEGGIO MAURI TALEGGIO is a semi-soft Italian cheese with a strong aroma, but a mild, fruity and slightly tangy flavour.

Taleggio is a semi-soft Italian cheese names after the caves of Val Taleggio. It is one of the oldest soft cheeses. Maturation, which takes place in the caves in Valsassina, takes between 40 and 50 days and a thin crust is formed. The taste is mild and fruity with a slight tangy edge to it and it also has a strong aroma.

Just incredible Cheeses!

PETERS YARD SOURGHDOUGH CRACKERS SELECTION with Original Sourdough Crackers, Rye & Charcoal Sourdough Crackers, Poppy Seed Sourdough Crackers. The dough is rolled until it is delicate and thin, then dust with rye flour and gently bake for a dappled, crisp and slightly wobbly cracker. Combining Swedish tradition with British craft and natural ingredients these hand-baked sourdough crackers are slowly fermented for 16 hours. No wonder they are Great Taste Award Winning!

Savour the crunch with a selection of our favourite cheeses.


From Tracklements, The Life & Soul of the Pantry - This was the UK’s first onion marmalade, and rather special it is too. Made with a splash of redcurrant juice for a pleasing tang, it’s excellent with pâtés, terrines and cheeses, and incomparable when melted over sausages. Planet-friendly condiments - putting people and planet first makes tasting even more delightful!

Great for Special Occasions, Corporate Gifting, Entertaining, Birthdays. 


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