Valencian Orange Pin Gin 70cl


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  • Valencian Orange Pin Gin 70cl


Pin Gin Valencian Orange is carefully distilled using a unique blend of 10 botanicals of the highest quality from around the globe, which are combined with the finest grain spirit to accentuate and develop their natural flavours. Juniper is blended with lavender and rose, creating an elegant, floral aroma, coupled with a hint of crisp, refreshing cucumber. This blends seamlessly with the warmth derived from cinnamon and peppercorn, which together result in a taste that is spicy to the palate. Orange and lemon peel provide a flash of citrus, supported by a hint of liquorice and almond. The finished product (our London Dry) is then infused with oranges . The result is a bold and sweet citrus gin.



Fever-Tree Mediterannean Tonic

Slice of fresh orange

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