White Heron have over 140 years’ experience in growing the finest blackcurrant and raspberries, and transforming them into luxury liqueurs.

Their farm, the Whittern Estate is nestled in the rolling hills of North Herefordshire. Once a mixed arable farm, the family chose to take the road less travelled: cultivating blackcurrants, a quintessential flavour of the British countryside. Their blackcurrant liqueur is intensely fruity, whilst not being too sweet and their raspberry liqueur is as vibrant in taste as it is colour.

They use a technique similar to winemaking, this ensures that they can perfectly capture the freshly picked British blackcurrants. Once the blackcurrant juice has fermented naturally with champagne yeast, it is blended with vodka to fortify the liqueur. Finally, sugar is added to bring out the rich fruity flavour.