Cheesies - IMP & MAKER


Craig Jones, created Cheesies in the summer of 2019 because he was mad about snacks. Not any old crap that’s out there though. Damn tasty ones that don’t contain an ingredient list as long as your arm. That’s why he started Cheesies. To give the people something they didn’t even realise they needed. 100% cheese, baked til crunchy.
Woolcool - IMP & MAKER


Woolcool are a UK based, female-led, family business and winners of the Queens Award for Enterprise. In 2020 Woolcool became a B Corp certified company, believing in business as a force for good, and acting to protect both the planet and the wider community. 

Woolcool produce sustainable insulated packaging for the shipment of chilled and frozen goods. Used within our packaging, their wool is great for recycling and reusing.  

Ask Mummy & Daddy - IMP & MAKER

Ask Mummy & Daddy

Ask Mummy & Daddy was founded by Kane Dowell, in 2017. He wanted to create a range of premium, high-concept sweets that were perfect to give as gift boxes. 

Initially a side hustle, Ask Mummy & Daddy grew organically as word of mouth spread and customer numbers grew. Now the company is a full-time operation with our own production, marketing and events teams.


Candy Kittens - IMP & MAKER

Candy Kittens

Since the start in 2012, Candy Kittens has been on a journey and has evolved into a 100% vegan brand that can be now be found across UK & the world.

Developed by their team in London, they blend big flavours with honest ingredients to bring you sweets that taste as great as they look. No compromises.

Using vegan recipes, they use only the best ingredients for you and the planet, so you can feel good while satisfying your sweet craving.

TrueStart Coffee - IMP & MAKER

TrueStart Coffee

So we set out to create a coffee that is better for you, and TrueStart was born!

We launched our first product in 2015 - our now legendary Barista Grade Instant Coffee. We developed the first coffee in the world to provide a boost with no crash thanks to a reliable, stable caffeine content.  

Joe & Seph's - IMP & MAKER

Joe & Seph's

With over 75 Great Taste Awards under our belt (…and counting!), Joe & Seph’s are officially the best-tasting popcorn brand. The range features over 200 exciting and ground-breaking products dreamed up by our Head Popcorn Chef, Joe.
Rococo Chocolates - IMP & MAKER

Rococo Chocolates

Our chocolates are expertly crafted by our chocolatiers in our London kitchen where there is no compromise on quality, we care about provenance and use only the best and most ethically sourced ingredients. The attention to detail that we put into every single one of our chocolates is evident from their exquisite taste and consequently we continue to win some of the industry's most prestigious awards today.
Silver & Green - IMP & MAKER

Silver & Green

"Our philosophy from the start has been to place strong emphasis on the quality of our goods and our customer service."

Silver & Green came to life in 2007 when we decided the time had come to turn a passion for food and the Mediterranean in to a family business. So here we are ... proud producers, importers and wholesalers of authentic Mediterranean delicacies!

Neleman Wines - IMP & MAKER

Neleman Wines

"By doing the good things right, you make the world more beautiful! It's that simple"

Neleman organic wine is made without the use of pesticides & additives. A healthy & balanced soil yields a richer biodiversity that provides a richer breeding ground for tastier grapes. Taking good care of nature not only serves us with good wine today, but more importantly, with good wine for eternity!

Sauce Shop - IMP & MAKER

Sauce Shop

‘Sauce Got Real’

We are delighted to stock Sauce Shop products within our food experiences. Sauce Shop create craft sauces made in small batches in their own kitchen in Nottingham. There are no thickeners, stablisers or artificial ingredients in any of their sauces, simply good ingredients and time. Bored of the mainstream, they came up with an alternative, choosing high quality ingredients to create better and more flavoursome sauces. 

The Lincolnshire Drizzle Company - IMP & MAKER

The Lincolnshire Drizzle Company

"The Lincolnshire Drizzle Company blends the finest ingredients into a range of tasty, healthy dressings, marinades and pesto’s"

A love for food, especially the healthy variety, has driven the innovation and development of the Lincolnshire Drizzle Company. They wanted to create a really delicious range of products to complement fine foods. As with all great products you need great ingredients, so they spent their time sourcing the very finest. The first stop, and the core of all their recipes, was the Award winning Ownsworths Rapeseed Oil.

The Great British Porridge Co. - IMP & MAKER

The Great British Porridge Co.

'100% Natural Instant Porridge'

The Great British Porridge Co. make delicious, healthy and dairy free instant breakfasts. Everything in their handy little pots, sachets and re-sealable multi-serving bags are 100% natural, plant-based, gluten free and high in fiber thanks to their nutty British wholegrain oats and sweet, rich dates. They don’t add any sugar to the recipe as it's already naturally sweet and creamy from the coconut. All you have to do is stir in some hot water and in one tiny minute breakfast is ready. Instant porridge, instantly lovely.