In 2020, Sarah Louise Fairburn embarked on a remarkable journey, founding IMP & MAKER as a testament to her passion for the food industry and her dedication to be a role model to her children, as a single mother of four. With over two decades of expertise collaborating with esteemed food retailers and producers, Sarah Louise envisioned a brand that would not only redefine Food & Drink Gifts but also elevate the customer experience with a modern touch and personalised service.

Her passion knows no bounds, as evidenced by her pivotal roles as Chair for the Greater Lincolnshire Food Board and Lead for the UK Food Valley, where she tirelessly champions sustainability in food and farming production while actively supporting women venturing into business within the sector. Honoured with prestigious awards including the Amazon Growing Business Awards, EY Entrepreneur of the Year, and the IGD Award for Business Transformation, Sarah Louise remains focused on personal growth and believes anything is possible with hard work and consistency, uplifting and empowering others.

Beyond the realm of business, Sarah Louise's heart beats for philanthropy. Actively engaged as a Committee Member & Change Maker for Farm Africa, she is deeply committed to empowering female farmers through training initiatives and promoting sustainable farming practices in the most deprived regions of Eastern Africa. Closer to home, as a Board Member for The Star Trust, Sarah Louise works alongside a collective of like-minded entrepreneurs, channelling their efforts to support hundreds of charities across the Midlands.

Her favourite motto, "Whether you think you can, or you can't, you're right" encapsulates her infectious positivity and her track record of nurturing female talent into leadership roles. It's clear: Sarah Louise doesn't just live and breathe this mantra; she embodies it with every endeavour she undertakes.

Through IMP & MAKER, Sarah Louise is not only reshaping gift-giving but also making a tangible difference in communities, we are so proud of her and our team and are so grateful to all our supporters.

We Excel in Modern Corporate Gifts....

IMP & MAKER are also experts at Corporate Gifting, Team Building Gifts & Events. We bring together food and drink from areas that sit in line with your Companies Brand Values and Ethos. Sourcing from all over the globe we deliver Unique Gifts that help create the most special moments for your Clients, Employees & Suppliers. Every detail is considered in the curation of our products, to create Showstopping Memories, to be enjoyed in the here and now.

"We Make Your Gifts The Ones That Will Be Remembered. Because Your Business is Our Business."

Sarah Louise Fairburn ~ Founder & CEO