About Us

At IMP & MAKER, we are passionate about sourcing, curating and delivering the finest produce from Britain and beyond to create moments to cherish for our customers. 

"Proud to be the gift, that our customers say, just keeps giving." Sarah Louise Fairburn, Founder.

Our Ethos

We combine food and drink into beautiful hamper experience collections. Working in partnership with our suppliers, we aim to share their stories to captivate our customers and educate on the real values of high-quality food production processes. We include award-winning, ethically produced, and scientifically advanced products within our hampers. The supplier story of Lincolnshire Poacher is one of our favourites...

Connecting Consumers and Producers

It is our mission to connect producers and consumers by creating unique a sensory experience of expertly produced food and drink whilst enhancing transparency within our supply chain. The first step in our process is always to select our producers, to ensure we exclusively list award-winning, ethically produced and scientifically-advanced produce.

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The Highest Standards

With our chosen producers, we develop partnerships built on trust and respect. We seek to understand the life cycle of our produce, by working with farmers to consistently ensure the highest standards of production, welfare, and environmental impacts. We aim to link our producers to the latest scientific research, thus supporting the maximisation of yields, performance, quality, taste, animal welfare, and environmental advances.

Our Producers

Hand-packed in the heart of Lincolnshire

Through collaboration with producers, chefs, and food technicians we create show-stopping, food and drink experience hampers. Each box is hand-packed in the heart of Lincolnshire, containing the best produce and most innovative brands. Our hampers are always lovingly procured, to ensure your experience of culinary delights will be one you always remember.

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