Goldsmiths have been impeccably sourcing desirable watches and jewellery with faultless customer service since 1778. So, when they approached our Founder and CEO, Sarah Louise Fairburn, she could not resist curating some exquisite hampers to reflect the luxury and prestige of this aspirational brand.

“I was beaming with excitement”, recalls Sarah-Louise. “Goldsmiths initially wanted some own-branded exclusive hampers for their corporate gifting, and I knew I had incredible artisan food and drink products to be able exceed their expectations”.

The brief was for premium food and drink gift boxes to suit an array of luxury clients tastes, with much thought we curated an array of different food, drink and pamper gift boxes to ensure no Goldsmiths customer could be left disappointed.

Goldsmiths has been inspiring aspirational jewellery and watches for nearly 250 years in exquisitely crafted unique diamond and other precious gems, and luxury watches representing Gucci, Cartier and Rolex amongst other industry giants, with their effortless customer service.

“Their awe-inspiring history is beyond impressive”, swoons Sarah-Louise. “To have the opportunity to match our premium selections with this awesome brand was a dream come true. Two premium brands coming together, one with roots in the past, and one fresh and contemporary, was a match made in heaven and a huge privilege”, smiled Sarah-Louise. “Dominika is a credit to the client service industry and an inspiration to us all.”

IMP & MAKER is the brainchild of our Founder and multi-award-winning entrepreneur Sarah-Louise. After many years working in the food industry with some of the UK’s most prestigious food retailers, Sarah-Louise has successfully combined her vast knowledge of food production, new product development and supplier relationships. 

Dominika Orczyk, Customer Experience Manager at Goldsmith responded, “My company and I have worked with IMP & MAKER for some time now. The service is amazing and very professional. The gift Boxes are great quality, luxurious and personalised in the best possible way. The founder Sarah-Louise is a star, she is always helpful and excited to surprise our clients with the best experience. It is my pleasure to work with the company, people like them are few and far between!”

Sarah-Louise is passionate about working with other entrepreneurs busy creating, producing and farming some of the world’s most exceptional food and drink products. Together IMP & MAKER combine exceptional products which come from the most advanced and innovative food and drink producers into which Sarah-Louise adds her magic to transform into luxury gifts and hampers, elevated with her contemporary twist on marketing and promotion with a focus on the experience, to enjoy in the here and now.

IMP & MAKER’s Bespoke Corporate Gifting Service includes an eclectic mix of food and drink to some of the country’s largest businesses including Stratstone Ferrari; Duckworths Range Rover & Jaguar; Goldsmiths; Reflex Gaming; Digital Origin; Daflo Jets; Safe Lincs, Goldsmiths, and many more. Contact us today to discuss your personalised requirements and we promise an unrivalled service. 

Impeccable Awaits


"The service is amazing and very professional. The gift Boxes are great quality, luxurious and personalized in the best possible way."

- Dominika Orczyk, Customer Experience Manager