Trading Tax Reclaims for Impeccable Taste


Having met senior executives at RDS in a previous incarnation, our Founder and CEO; Sarah Louise Fairburn, was delighted when the company reached out to ask her to create a very special corporate hamper from IMP & MAKER’s extraordinary food & drink emporium, in a brief which switched taxation for a food sensation.

IMP & MAKER is the brainchild of our Founder and multi-award-winning entrepreneur Sarah-Louise. After many years working in the food industry with some of the UK’s most prestigious food retailers, Sarah-Louise has successfully combined her vast knowledge of food production, new product development and supplier relationships. 

“I am passionate about my fellow entrepreneurs who are out there working with dedication, love and integrity to produce exceptional taste sensations, and am excited to really get underneath the surface of their products and ethos, to better understand and support these incredible food and drink artisans. To be able to amplify their incredible products through our sensational palette pairings along with some pretty exciting and unconventional promotion to restyle the market and showcase some of the world’s most exceptional food and drink products, is what makes me tick,” explains Sarah-Louise.

“We are all working harder than ever, and I believe as consumers, we are seeking the highest quality products that are easy to access, delivered to a location of choice, and bring some genuine light, joy, and excitement into our lives. At IMP & MAKER I feel privileged to have crafted the magic to make this a reality.

RDS specialise in working with businesses to help them identify and claim their Research & Development (R&D) tax credit refund from HMRC. This is a frequently under-claimed tax benefit which RDS in over five years in business, has achieved a 99% success rate, and successfully unlock over £27m for their 500+ clients.

When one of their most successful sales directors was promoted, IMP & MAKER curated an exceptional hamper crammed with exquisite taste sensations which Sarah-Louise paired with her favourite wines to reflect the ambition of the successful executive and the company’s delight with this ground-breaking promotion. 

Since then, RDS have given us a fantastic testimonial; “We are proud to work with IMP & MAKER as a trusted partner and client and have been extremely impressed with IMP & MAKER in terms of their fantastic range of products.”

“Our newly promoted Sales Director Roy Quick was gifted a luxurious hamper from IMP & MAKER's corporate gifting range to celebrate the new appointment. The contents of the hamper are very impressive filled with delicious quality products with lots of variety to choose from.”

“RDS were so impressed that we are now gifting our trusted clients and partners with IMP & MAKER hampers, and we would highly recommend IMP & MAKER due to their amazing customer service and high-end quality products...”

IMP & MAKER’s Bespoke Corporate Gifting Service includes an eclectic mix of food and drink to some of the country’s largest businesses including Stratstone Ferrari; Lamborghini; VW; Goldsmiths; Reflex Gaming; Digital Origin; Daflo Jets; Safe Lincs, and many more. Contact us today to discuss your personalised requirements and we promise an unrivalled service. 

Impeccable Awaits.

"We were so impressed that we are now gifting our trusted clients and partners with IMP & MAKER hampers."

- Roy Quick, Sales Director