'More Daring than Dairy'

Angela and Nivi are I AM NUT OK, an American and Italian couple that carefully crafts all the products in Hackney, London. The business started as a passion project of Angela’s to create tasty alternatives for the newly vegan Nivi who was an Italian struggling to give up cheese. Using their diverse palettes, love for cheese, and design backgrounds, they teamed up to start I AM NUT OK so they could share their delicious creations.

Vegan • Artisan • Sustainable
I AM NUT OK is more daring than dairy, using inventive visual and flavour combinations. It’s not meant to replace cheese, but to satisfy the tastebuds in a way any delicious food does. They use a mix of traditional and new techniques to create the plant-based cheeses and which is produced by hand in small batches. The not cheeses go through a process of fermentation and aging, then given extra notes of flavour with herbs, spices, and various tasty gems found in the plant kingdom.

They use the most environmentally friendly packaging their products and shipping. All spreads are housed in recyclable glass jars, and cheeses are wrapped in a compostable film. They are kept cool with fully recyclable packaging using paper insulation or bubble wrap repurposed from deliveries we receive. While all this might be more expensive or less convenient for them, it is much less costly to the environment.

You can find I AM NUT OK products within our ‘Luxury Vegan Breakfast Experience’. The G.O.A.T Italian Herb is a cashew cheese using Mediterranean flavour to complement notes of citrus and floral. We have also selected Truffle Influence Cultured No Udder Butter for this hamper too. This is a very luxurious condiment, perfect for toast!