Peter's Yard

For Peter's Yard, 'Good things take time'. This is why they make crispbreads in small batches.

We are proud to stock Peter’s Yard within our hampers. They craft their products within small batches, and without cutting corners to ensure their award winning flavour and crunch. Their most important ingredient is time. Everything begins with their 45 year-old sourdough starter, fermented for 16 hours. They then allow time for each cracker to cook and to cool to irresistible crispness, this is time well spent.

Baked to Perfection • Swedish Tradition • Small Batch
Peter's Yard combine Swedish tradition with British craft and natural, quality ingredients to create their hand-baked sourdough products. They are inspired by 16th century Swedish baking techniques, where the crispbread (or knäckebröd) was preserved on a pole over fires to keep crisp and dry over the long winter months. They honour this through stamping a hole through each larger sized crispbread before baking.

Their sourdough crackers are made in small batches with their signature sourdough starter, using Shipton Mill flour and organic fresh milk, they contain no artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or palm oil. They are the perfect accompaniment to any cheeseboard.

From small beginnings importing the crispbread from their bakery in Sweden, Peter's Yard started to gain recognition from top chefs and won numerous awards. John Lister – friend and owner of Shipton Mill – joined the business, bringing with him a team of skilled craft bakers with a passion for sourdough and real bread.