Sauce Shop

‘Sauce Got Real’

We are delighted to stock Sauce Shop products within our food experiences. Sauce Shop create craft sauces made in small batches in their own kitchen in Nottingham. There are no thickeners, stablisers or artificial ingredients in any of their sauces, simply good ingredients and time. Bored of the mainstream, they came up with an alternative, choosing high quality ingredients to create better and more flavoursome sauces. They make no compromises, if it doesn’t add flavour it doesn’t go in. Sauce Shop want to challenge the status quo and elevate sauce to the next level by creating something different – extraordinarily punchy flavours carefully crafted with expertise.

Award Winning • Artisan Produce • Carbon Negative
In 2014, Pam and James came to the realisation that sauces available in supermarkets weren’t doing food justice. They often contained water as one of the main ingredients and usually some sort of thickener. Sauces should be about flavour and the big brand stuff just didn't cut it. They cooked up a small batch of Smoky Chipotle Ketchup and enjoyed it at home with friends. It went down so well that the couple decided to make a few more flavours. Just like that, Sauce Shop was born.

They cooked big pans of sauce in their home kitchen after work and spent the weekends selling them on markets or delivering to shops. Word spread, business grew and by 2015 Pam and James left their jobs working in the mass production side of food. The mission has always been a pursuit of flavour. Sauceshop are now a team of 34, who cook, bottle, label and pack every single product. Based in Nottingham, they produce thousands of bottles and jars every week to be shipped all over the world.

They’re only just getting started though, with ambitions to become a global brand, helping people create great tasting and exciting food all over the world. As of 2021, Sauce Shop are carbon negative. For all the carbon they emit or contribute to as a business they’re double offsetting their emissions by supporting a range of certified carbon reduction projects across the world, alongside working across their own operations and supply chain to reduce their impact as much as possible.