The Great British Porridge Co.

'100% Natural Instant Porridge'

The Great British Porridge Co. make delicious, healthy and dairy free instant breakfasts. Everything in their handy little pots, sachets and re-sealable multi-serving bags are 100% natural, plant-based, gluten free and high in fiber thanks to their nutty British wholegrain oats and sweet, rich dates. They don’t add any sugar to the recipe as it's already naturally sweet and creamy from the coconut. All you have to do is stir in some hot water and in one tiny minute breakfast is ready. Instant porridge, instantly lovely.

Natural • Dairy Free • Gluten Free
The Great British Porridge Co. founder is Jacqueline. Her mission began when she noticed how much better she felt after switching to a natural, heathy dairy free diet, and wanted to spread the word. She knew whatever she made and to be nutritious, delicious and quick and easy to enjoy. So many sacks of oats (and torn up recipes) later, The Great British Porridge Co. was born.

More and more people are choosing to eat healthier foods. We are saying we want products that are vegan, gluten free and no added sugar. TGBPC are proud of their 100% natural porridge. Lots of people today are looking to follow plant based diets, this porridge slots in perfectly and being ready in less time than it takes to make a cup of tea is just the icing on the cake. High in fiber, less than 230 calories and over 10% protein it really does tick all the boxes! There's not many instant porridges out there that are vegan like The Great British Porridge Co.

By using ethically sourced ingredients, they can make the highest quality products. This in turn leads to great taste. The luscious coconut milk makes it creamy, and the juicy dates make the gluten-free oats sweet. It’s made from 40% fruit, nuts and seeds and 100% love. The perfect way to start any morning.