The Snaffling Pig Co

‘Let’s Make the Piggin’ Magic Happen’

Snaffling Pig’s goal in life is to get people talking. We all know that when food or drink is involved, conservation flows and people loosen up. They have created indulgent products that encourage conversation and lighten the mood. The famous pork scratching has been around for over 250 years, this is a cheeky indulgence loved by so many. Yet it has virtually unchanged over the years and so Snaffling Pig saw it as their mission to take ‘this little piggy to market!’ Using refreshed skills, passion and quality ingredients.

Award Winning • Passion • Snacks
Their Porky Puffs are a lighter, fluffier, crunchier pork rind. They have wonderful smokey notes of BBQ. The beauty of pork scratchings and other Snaffling Pig porky products is their simplicity. You typical take pork skin from the shank (top of the pig’s back leg) and cut into large pieces, fry and then season. This simplicity means you have nowhere to hide. By using only the finest quality pork, oil and seasoning, their products are always of the highest quality.

The Snaffling Pig Co are invested in the history of pork scartchings. It was common for factory workers to keep a pig in the garden, this is why the Black Country was famous for the meaty morsel. During the Industrial Revolution, they were extremely popular!

Snaffling Pig Co porky snacks are perfect to be enjoyed at any BBQ with your friends and family. To summarize they are ‘awesome flavoured porky snacks!