Turner Hardy & Co

"A colourful Collaboration’

Turner Hardy & Co. is the result of 15 years of lively banter fueled by childhood friends, Eddie Turner and Hugo Hardman’s love of proper foods and fine drinks. After Hugo was served a poor quality Virgin Mary, an idea was born to create their own proper tomato juices. 

Award winning • Fresh Produce • Small Batch
Their innovative drinks are made from squeezed tomatoes that are hand-picked in small batches fresh from the Isle of Wight. This freshness gives a truly flavorsome base, which is then properly spiced to create the most sublime drinks. They wanted a ‘not from concentrate’ premium tomato juice. Their tomato juices are high in lycopene, low in salt, sugar and are gluten free. The aim of Turner Hardy & Co has been to spread the story about the many health benefits of tomatoes; on their own, as a premium soft drink or as part of a brilliant Bloody Mary recipe.

A good juice is made fresh from the best fruits, not from concentrate, and a proper one is made from fruit that you would travel a long way to eat, let alone to squeeze. When they tasted the tomatoes on the Isle of Wight it was love at first bite. The stuff is almost addictive!

The vines are tendered daily by hand and the tomatoes stay on the vine until all the tomatoes are rich red in colour. Of equal importance is the sustainability of the farm. They conserve the CO2 and the heat from a local power plant, reducing their CO2 emissions and everything they work with from the coconut husks to the string for the vines is biodegraded in their own composting plant. They also use all the ‘wonky’ tomatoes that can’t be sold directly to others.