Yockenthwaite Farm

We’re the Hirds and our family have farmed Yockenthwaite Farm since 1842. As fifth generation hill-sheep farmers we know a thing or two about a hard day’s work and just what’s needed to fuel it.

We started making our own-recipe granola more than ten years ago when visitors staying overnight at the farm enjoyed it for breakfast and kept coming back for more. We added porridge and muesli to the range and have been making more and more ever since!

What started as a diversification to support the farm, here at Yockenthwaite, Langstrothdale in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales, has become a new passion for us. Still a small family business (and still happily farming here), we are as committed as ever to creating naturally delicious food, full of the flavour and texture our award-winning range is renowned for.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoy making it for you.

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OUR PRODUCTS – YOU COULD GO NUTTY ABOUT THEM From the small hamlet of Yockenthwaite in the Yorkshire Dales, we have big plans to make Britain’s breakfasts better, bowl by bowl. We believe that not all breakfast cereals were created equal. At Yockenthwaite Farm, we use the most wholesome, simple premium-quality ingredients possible and make small batches from scratch, fresh every time.

We take the ‘groats’, the wholegrain oat which includes the fiber-rich outer portion as well as the center, and roll them here ourselves. Because our oats are freshly-rolled to order and are as unprocessed as they possible can be, our Yockenthwaite Farm granolas, muesli and porridge oats have a freshness you can really taste, bite by bite, bowl by delicious bowl.

OUR OATS are rolled fresh from the groat just prior to cooking and we do this ourselves. It’s an extra process we know, but we believe it makes a huge difference both nutritionally and to flavour, just think about freshly ground coffee or spices, there’s no comparison, fresh is best! OUR FLOUR, either wheat or *spelt is stoneground wholegrain, milled for us on a regular basis and we get both from East Yorkshire farms; wholegrain because it’s got all the goodness still in there, nothing taken out, but more importantly, nothing added back in! (*Spelt grain is an ancient grain and forerunner of modern wheat. A cross between Emmer wheat & Goat grass and favoured by many people for it’s flavour and digestibility. Spelt was known by the Roman Legionnaires as ‘the marching grain’ which probably says quite a lot about it’s properties!) RAW HONEY and olive oil are then mixed together, these are the binding ingredients, and apart from a sprinkling of sesame seeds, a smidgen of Madagascan vanilla and a pinch of sea salt, that’s it, the base. WE’VE 4 DIFFERENT VARIETIES, two with nuts, one plain and one ginger. The Not so Sweet varieties are sweetened with just the raw honey and we add some un-refined light muscovado sugar to the Original Nutty, it’s only a little, but we love the richness and fudgy flavour it adds.