Beer & Nibbles Gift Collection


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  • Noam Beers 340ml bottle/ 5.2% Abv x 2
  • Silver & Green Chilli Pepper Olives 220g
  • Serious Pig Snacking Pickles 40g
  • Cheesies Red Leicester Bites 20g
  • Belazu Smoked Chilli Nut Mix 120g


"The Best Beers & Nibbles Gift Experience" has landed. Filled with only the BEST larger and snacks to create a gift that will truly be remembered, cherished and enjoyed!

Noam Beer in Beautiful Glass Bottles


Noam has been developed in homage to the great Bavarian larger. Collaborating with one of the worlds most innovative brewing laboratories, Noam brings the values behind traditional Bavarian craftsmanship into the 21st century.


Noam is a light, refreshing larger beer with a distinguished mild taste. It is characterised by the floral and savoury flavours of the delicate "smaragd" hop, fused with a signature herbal base note.

This larger is composed of the finest ingredients, locally sourced from The Valleys of Hallertau, the worlds most prestigious hop-growing region.

Noam larger is naturally finished to the highest Bavarian purity standards and is neither stabilised, nor filtered or thermally treated.

With 5.2% of alcohol it is aged for 6 weeks to achieve its superior taste. Noam larger is best enjoyed at maximum temperature of 6 degrees.

About the Maker

Noam Larger is developed at the Science & Research Laboratory of the Technical University Brewery in Weihenstephan.

Rooted in this Bavarian villages long history of fine brewing and equipped with one of the worlds most innovative beer laboratories, the internationally renowned Chair of Brewing & Beverage Technology is at the forefront of brewing science.

The Research Institute on Weihenstephan Hill is a high-tech centre set to meet the challenges of modern beer production with innovative scientific impulses.

Here the unique recipe for Noam largers refined taste was created in collaboration with the Head of the Brewing Faculty at Weihenstephen, Dr. Florian Schull & Brewing Master Michael Ammer.

Silver & Green - Chilli & Paprika Olives

Mixed pitted olives prepared by the Silver & Green team. Marinated in a blend of sunflower oil and extra virgin olive oil with smoked paprika and chilli.
At Silver & Green all flavoured olives use the Greek olive varieties Kalamata and Halkidiki. Ever since launch the company have worked hard to get as close to the farmers as possible to ensure that our olives are produced responsibly and respectfully.

About the Maker

Premium Mediterranean Delicacies are at the forefront of founder Dan Prentice’s product offer at Silver & Green.

At Silver & Green, they are food lovers first and foremost and the business has been a dream turned reality: working together on products they think are the bees knee’s and putting something in to the world that’s both healthy and blinking tasty!

Silver & Green came to life in 2007 when the family decided the time had come to turn a passion for food and the Mediterranean into a business. Today they are…proud producers, importers and wholesalers of authentic Mediterranean delicacies!

Core Values:

Simple lists of ingredients and easy straight forward relationships seem to get us to the best and most consistent products.

Business Philosophy has always been to place strong emphasis on the quality of goods and customer service.

Serious Pig Snacking Pickles 

Snaffling Pig have sourced the finest, tastiest baby gherkins and gently pickled them to create the best Snacking Pickles.
They're crunchy and tangy and go perfectly with a drink. Eat responsibly!

Drained - Ready to Eat, Crunchy Tangy Baby Gherkins

Country of Origin


About the Maker

The Junction Tavern beer garden in NW5, to be precise. It was there, on one of their many lost evenings, that our founders George Rice and Johnny Bradshaw, found themselves pondering a serious question.

What would be the perfect snack to accompany their recently ordered pint of real ale and glass of red Bordeaux? It had to be a delicious taste complement to these fine beverages; but it also had to provide proper sustenance to power the boys through to their late dinner.

Several packets of crisps, nuts and scratchings later, the boys agreed that it had to be something more serious. They hit on the concept of a “Posh Peperami.” It could only be made with top quality British charcuterie, they decided.

This would be real food – satisfying, full of flavour and better for you than any existing pub snack. The very next day, Serious Pig was born.

Cheesies Red Leicester Bites

Salty and very, very orange. Kind of like Donald Trump. But a much MUCH nicer & 100% natural version. Cheesies have taken Red Leicester and made it crunchy and fridge-free. Yeah we know, it's great. It's 100% Red Leicester and literally nothing else. 

About the Maker

A Message from the Co-Founder Craig Jones:

We’re not here to ‘revolutionise’ your ’snacking occasions’. We take cheese and turn it into a snack that’s gobsmackingly tasty. Simple. And if you’re like us, you’ll smash through a bag of Cheesies at pretty much any time.

We’re definitely not health freaks. We’re partial to a bit of kale every now & again. But is that all we want to eat? Hell no. Life is for living.

Cheesies started in the summer of 2019 and we’re constantly evolving to bring you the best experience possible. We want to blow your mind whenever you eat Cheesies.

So put down your Quavers or your Wotsits and have a crunch on Cheesies. You won’t regret it.

Belazu Smoked Chilli Nut Mix

Hand Roasted cashews, almonds and crunchy corn roasted with cayenne pepper and smoked paprika.

Using small batch techniques and the highest grade cashews, almonds, and giant corn, this nut mix is hand roasted and seasoned with a smoked flavour and intense chilli kick.



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