Charcuterie Picnic Hamper



Hamper Contents: 18 items

  • 18in Black Wicker hamper basket with embroidered liner
  • Ondarre Reserva Rioja 2018 – 70cl 14% ABV
  • Sliced Chorizo 100% Iberico de Bellota 100g
  • Sliced Salchichon 100% Iberico de Bellota 100g
  • Hand carved Jamon 100% Iberico de Bellota 100g
  • Vintage Lincolnshire Poacher Cheese 150g
  • Bontazola Mauri Gorgonzola Dolce 200g
  • Park Head Brie de Meaux 150g
  • Tracklements Mini Caramalised Onion 25g
  • Tracklements Mini Apricot & Ginger 25g
  • Belazu Truffle & Pecorino Nut Mix 135g
  • Belazu Balsamic Semi-dried Tomatoes 330g
  • Belazu Balsamic Vinegar 250g
  • Fine Cheese Company Pickled Onions with Chilli 350g
  • Fine Cheese Company Olive Oil & Sea Salt Crackers 125g
  • Fine Cheese Company Gluten Free Toast for Cheese 100g
  • Perello Gordal Picante Olives 150g
  • Diforti Focaccia 100g
  • Made For Drink Chorizo Thins 30g

Allergens: Sulphites, Milk, Wheat, Cashews, Almonds, Pecans, Barley

Pairing Notes: Ondarre Rioja Reserva: Deep red, ripe black fruit, balanced palate with blackberry, plum, and chocolate notes. Long finish. Ideal with a meal or on its own.

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Product Description: 

Introducing the Charcuterie Picnic Hamper, a symphony of award-winning delicacies nestled within a charming wicker hamper, perfect for indulgent picnics or lavish gatherings. Crafted to delight the senses, this exquisite assortment promises an unforgettable culinary experience. At the heart of this opulent ensemble lies an 18-inch black wicker hamper basket, adorned with an embroidered liner, offering both elegance and functionality. Within its depths, discover a curated selection of 18 tantalising items that embody the pinnacle of artisanal craftsmanship and culinary finesse.

Indulge in the rich flavours of Spain with slices of Chorizo and Salchichon, both crafted from 100% Iberico de Bellota, renowned for their unparalleled quality and depth of flavour. Accompanying these savoury delights is the pièce de résistance – hand-carved Jamon, a testament to tradition and expertise.

Complementing these Spanish treasures are exquisite cheeses from around the world, including the Vintage Lincolnshire Poacher, Bontazola Mauri Gorgonzola Dolce, and Park Head Brie de Meaux, each offering a unique profile of taste and texture. Enhance your palate with a symphony of condiments and accompaniments, from the savoury notes of Tracklements Mini Caramelised Onion and Apricot & Ginger to the luxurious indulgence of Belazu Truffle & Pecorino Nut Mix and Balsamic Semi-dried Tomatoes.

For those seeking a touch of indulgence, the Fine Cheese Company's Pickled Onions with Chilli and Olive Oil Crackers provide the perfect balance of tang and crunch, while the Gluten-Free Toast for Cheese caters to every dietary preference. Elevate your sensory journey with Perello Gordal Picante Olives and Diforti Focaccia, adding depth and dimension to each bite. Allergen information is provided for your convenience, ensuring a worry-free culinary adventure.

To complete this epicurean experience, savour the Ondarre Reserva Rioja 2018, a distinguished wine with deep red hues and ripe black fruit flavours, culminating in a long, satisfying finish. Whether enjoyed with a meal or savoured on its own, this Rioja Reserva is the perfect accompaniment to the exquisite offerings of the IMP & MAKER’s Charcuterie Picnic Hamper.

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