Luxury Charcuterie Experience



  • Hand Carved Jamon Iberico de Bellota 80g
  • Lincolnshire Poacher Cheese 264g 
  • Vinci Olive Mix 600g 
  • Truffle Nut Mix 135g
  • Balsamic Vinegar 250ml 
  • Balsamic Sem-Dried Tomatoes
  • Peter's Yard Sourdough Crispbread Selection
  • Myer's Honey & Spelt Loaf

Immerse yourself in an authentic charcuterie experience, with a modern twist, from the luxury of your own home. Every item has been hand selected for its exceptional provenance, quality, and flavour credentials, from award-winning artisan suppliers & producers.

Our Luxury Charcuterie Experience has been impeccably curated with our very own 100% pure, hand-carved Jamon Iberico de Bellota from the famous Town of Jabugo, Huelva Spain. 

Leave to get to room temperature before adding to a sharing board with Pitted Vinci Olives, Lincolnshire Poachers award winning Vintage cheese wedge. Drizzle with Great Taste Belazu Balsamic Vinegar and oil from the tangy Belazu Balsamic Tomatoes, used to perfectly complement this beautiful, sliced ham and garnish with our Truffle and Pecorino nut mix.

Our favourite tip is to use the honey and spelt loaf pieces to dip into the luxurious balsamic vinegar, and balsamic tomato oil and, stack the cheese and balsamic tomatoes onto Peters Yard sourdough crackers

We recommend adding the Ondarre Valley 2017 Reserva Rioja,  as your tipple. This will beautifully complement IMP & MAKER's hand carved Jamon Iberico de Bellota,  Belazu's Great Taste Award Olives, Lincolnshire Poacher's cheese and Peters Yard cracker selection!

Gluten free options available please call our team for further details.

For the ultimate upgrade enjoy our Signature Charcuterie Experience.

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    Luxury Charcuterie Experience