Mixed Sweet Treats Gift Box


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  • Joe & Seph’s Salted Caramel Popcorn Pouch 80g
  • Organic Lemony Lemonade 250ml
  • Karma Cola 250ml
  • Conscious Candy Non Fizzy Mixed Sweet Pouch with Space Mix, Non Fizzy Strawberries, Meerkats, Tongue Painters, Mermaids, Fried Eggs & Funky Fruits 200g
  • Candy Kittens Wild Strawberry Gift Jar 250g
  • Conscious Candy Milk Jazzie Chocolate Bar 100g


Our luxury sweets gift box is a strong favourite with kids both young and old! For the ultimate additive-free sweet treats sensation this is perfect for gifting, movie nights, parties or for the best personal pick me up.  Containing Joe & Steph’s gourmet popcorn, coated by hand in buttery caramel and British sea salt flakes, this is a standout 2 Gold Star Great Taste Award winner.  Our luxury sweets collection also includes a Conscious Candy non fizzy mix, wild strawberry Candy Kittens, meercats and mermaids!  Sweet treats are best washed down with Karma Cola and our organic lemony lemonade.  Head over to IMP & MAKER to buy the best sweets online today!

Joe & Seph’s Salted Caramel Popcorn Pouch

Gourmet Popcorn by Joe and Sephs. Air-popped popcorn coated by hand in smooth buttery caramel and British Sea Salt flakes. Always a favourite, the Salted Caramel is our most popular flavour and the proud winner of a 2 Gold Star Great Taste Award!

About the Maker

Joe & Seph’s love of popcorn began while taking regular trips to the USA, each time returning with flavoured popcorn as gifts for friends and family. Realising there was nothing quite like this in the UK, they wondered if they could make their own flavoured popcorn, but even better. They began by air-popping the corn and coating it in a smooth caramel made from fresh butter rather than what was the standard British way of popping it in an oil and sugar mix.

They then discovered that by using 100% natural ingredients and a unique "flavour-sequencing" process they could lock in flavours so that they flourished on the palate at different intervals as you're eating the popcorn. They then took this further and created a range of exciting flavours, including savoury ones made from real cheese!

After many burnt pans and late night tasting sessions this amazing family took their popcorn to a food show in 2010 where they sold out in just two days. Shortly after they achieved their first prestigious retail listing and…

... Joe & Seph's Gourmet Popcorn was born.


Organic Lemony Lemonade – by Karma Drinks

Lemony, like all good lemonades is just the basics ... lemons. There's 31% organic Sicilian lemon juice in every bottle with a splash of grapefruit and some citrus oil to boot. Then we add water and bubbles. That's it.

Karma’s combination of organic lemons and Fairtrade organic cane sugar bring good fortune to the farmers who get a fair deal for their crop, and a Lemony zing to you. When life gives you lemons, change your luck with a Lemony Lemonade.

Karma Cola

Karma Cola tastes great because we've taken care to find authentic organic ingredients. You can recognise and pronounce everything that goes into our original organic cola recipe. There's no secrets, preservatives or anything artificial. We have nothing to hide. See for yourself. 

Part of the proceeds from each bottle go to our grower families in Sierra Leone, where the Karma Foundation works hand in hand with the community to help deliver social and economic independence. 

About the Maker

How we're becoming The World's Most Ethical Soft Drink

At Karma Drinks, we believe that something as frivolous as a fizzy drink can be a force for good. We believe that what you drink should not only taste good, but be good to the planet, good for the people who grow our ingredients and good for you.

To hold us accountable to our mission to be the world's most ethical soft drink, we established The Karma Foundation. 1% of revenue from every Karma Drink goes to our Cola nut growers and their communities in Sierra Leone. The Foundation guarantees the funds raised help drive economic and social independence, which is how we live up to our name on the label. Call it Karma.


All your favourite household flavours with a Karma twist. These bad boys are made of real organic and Fairtrade ingredients. Money from the sale of each drink goes back to the Karma Foundation to do more good.

Conscious Candy Non Fizzy Mix Sweet Pouch

This Vegan Non Fizzy Mix Pouch are a Gorgeous gift ready pouch of Conscious Candys best selling non fizzy sweets including:

- Space Mix
- Non Fizzy Strawberries
- Meerkats
- Tongue Painters
- Mermaids
- Fried Eggs
- Funky Fruits

Conscious Candy Milk Jazzie Chocolate Bar

WOWZA! Conscious Candy’s Chocolate Bar Collection has officially arrived! all made with THE BEST vegan ‘milk’ chocolate.

About the Maker

The Conscious Candy Company all started when the founder Laura Scott noticed there was a gap in the market for new and exciting vegan sweets. Having been vegetarian and vegan for over 15 years and finding that she was struggling to find new and exciting vegan sweets, she decided to take action. This is when The Conscious Candy Company was born.

The Conscious Candy Company is committed to finding exciting new and old time favourite pick and mix sweets so that you don’t have to worry about reading labels and can spend more time eating delicious candy.

Candy Kittens Wild Strawberry Gift Jar

Gift them a delicious Candy Kittens Wild Strawberry Vegan Sweets Jar and blow them away with the perfect present.

Developed by the team in London, they blend big flavours with honest ingredients to bring you sweets that taste as great as they look. No compromises.

This product is a single plastic jar of our Wild Strawberry Gourmet Sweets.


About the Maker

Jamie Laing wanted to open a cool, fasion-forward sweet shop. But what sweets would be good enough to go in such a shop? Friend Ed had another idea....Why not create a sweet especially for adults that looked as great as they tasted?

There were sweets made for kids and sweets for your granny but nothing for big kids who still had a sweet tooth. Jamie and Ed set about to create a sweet with big flavour, honest ingredients and beautiful packaging... and Candy Kittens was born!

Since the start in 2012, Candy Kittens has been on a journey and has evolved into a 100%  vegan brand that can now be found all over the globe.

Great for Sharing, Kids Parties, Special Occasions, Movie Night, Entertaining, Birthdays

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