Farm Africa has helped men and women living in Bermi village to set up beekeeping businesses using Langsroth beehives. Historically in this village women were not economically active and were dependent on their husbands. While men have been involved in honey production in this area for years, they used traditional beehives suspended high in trees. Women were not able to take part as it was culturally unacceptable for women to climb trees. The Langsroth beehives that Farm Africa has introduced to the village sit on the ground, so women are now able to engage in honey production too.

The village has its own honey processing centre where the honey is removed from the honeycombs, sieved, packaged in 500g or 1kg jars and labelled. Lucia is a member of the specially trained honey processing group who are responsible for all the honey processing to ensure that quality standards are adhered to. The group has big ambitions for improving the honey processing centre so that they can acquire certification and reach a wider market.

This video is focused on Farm Africa's beekeeping project in the Babati District of Manyara Region in Tanzania, including footage of Lucia Chami, a beekeeper who now runs a thriving honey business.

“Now I earn more income, I can pay school fees and pay for household items. I can now help my husband cover some costs. Previously, I stayed at home and I didn’t earn anything, but now I can contribute to the household. My husband is a mechanic. He likes it very much that I am involved in beekeeping because our income is higher and we get honey. Before I was a beekeeper we struggled to pay school costs and my children used to miss school, but now that is behind me, I have forgotten what that feels like."

Imp & Maker are proud supporters, and avid fundraisers for Farm Africa. Farm Africa is an innovative charity that reduces poverty in rural eastern Africa by helping farmers grow more, sell more and sell for more: helping farmers to not only boost yields, but also gain access to markets, and add value to their produce.

Imp & Maker will donate £2.50 from every hamper worth over £100 sold to the charity Farm Africa to support sustainable farming in eastern Africa. Registered charity number 326901.  


Photographer Credit - Farm Africa / Jon Spaull