There are so many great ways to reuse your WoolCool liner in and around the home and beyond…


In the home and garden

  • The soft, clean and warm nature of the natural wool inspires people to get crafty, creating items to decorate their homes or treat their furry friends.
  • Our 100% natural wool has been used by members of the Woolcool® family to fill soft furnishings such as cushions and pillows or reupholster chairs.
  • Pets like nothing better than to take a nap on our soft, luscious wool, whether it’s lining a hamster’s cage, a lucky dog’s basket or a soft pillow for a pampered cat.

    Nesting Material

    Planting Material

    Pet Bedding 

    Practical ideas 

    • Wool is so malleable and flexible that it can be shaped and cut to be used in all kinds of unusual ways
    • Use the wool to line backpacks and bags to protect laptops and tablets.
    • It can also be used to wrap around pipes to provide insulation against freezing temperatures.
    • The liners can even be cut to create cosy insoles for your wellies or boots.

    Rucksack Lining

    Frost Protection

    Bug Hotel




    This advice is based on UK Mainland recycling processes. Rules regarding recycling can vary by location and are constantly evolving, so we would always recommend checking with your local authority if you are not sure which materials they accept, or where best to place them.



    *at the moment wool is not widely accepted within normal recycling chains as part of your household collection, however, there are lots of ways that it can be recycled around the house and garden.