Our Christmas Turkey, a whole KellyBronze, has been hand-reared to perfection by the incredible JB Gill from JLS. Nothing beats an entire cooked Turkey, fresh from the local farmers, and in our case, from pop star high welfare farmers. This showstopper will efficiently serve 8-10 of your loved ones this Christmas.

This ultimate Christmas Turkey gives you the most delicious white and dark meat, natural juices, and rapid cooking time. This 5KG bird will cook in 2 hours, making the timings of your dinner easy and stress-free.

Christmas dinner is the biggest meal of the year for some, and we all like it done in specific ways, with different traditions. Here at IMP & MAKER, pigs in blankets and roasties are an absolute must. Our beautifully hand-made Dingley Dell Pigs in Blankets will perfectly complement the delicate flavours from the KellyBronze Turkey. We can’t forget the award-winning From Our Farm Beef Dripping to crisp those roasties to perfection.

We are proud to offer our Christmas Turkey Dinner Experience. Full of luxury essentials, it means all you need to do is add your fresh vegetables and any demanded extras. Please find out more by taking a look at our hamper here.