Craig Jones, created Cheesies in the summer of 2019 because he was mad about snacks. Not any old crap that’s out there though. Damn tasty ones that don’t contain an ingredient list as long as your arm. That’s why he started Cheesies. To give the people something they didn’t even realise they needed. 100% cheese, baked til crunchy.

Cheesies is a simple idea: take cubes of cheese, then dry and bake them until you have crunchy popped balls of deliciousness. Cheesies are not just any snack. Not a cheese-flavoured snack. Not a snack that offers a cheese-like substance. A snack that’s made from actual cheese, and nothing else. One ingredient, that’s it. With all the goodness of cheese, Cheesies are filling, easy to snack on the move, and gobsmackingly tasty. And if you’re not sold yet, Cheesies contain no carbs, are high in protein, gluten-free and vegetarian.

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