Woolcool are a UK based, female-led, family business and in 2020 became a B Corp certified company, believing in business as a force for good, and acting to protect both the planet and the wider community. 

Woolcool produce sustainable insulated packaging for the shipment of chilled and frozen goods. This pioneering Staffordshire company that harnesses the properties of natural materials to create environmentally responsible products has been awarded a coveted 2022 Queen’s Award for Enterprise, for Sustainable Development. Stone-based Woolcool has spent more than a decade investing millions of pounds developing temperature-controlled packaging products for the food and pharmaceutical markets, which use 100% sheep’s wool as an alternative to polluting manmade insulation such as polystyrene.

This innovative use of wool – which is recyclable, reusable, renewable, compostable, abundant and part of the natural carbon cycle  – means customers use less fuel in their supply chain, reduce their carbon footprint and help avoid tonnes of polystyrene from going into landfill sites across the globe.

Managing Director Josie Morris MBE said:

“It is a huge honour to receive a second Queen’s Award for Enterprise, this time for Sustainable Development – following the Royal recognition we received for innovation in 2018.

“After more than a decade of research and development into the properties of wool, which has proven conclusively that it outperforms polluting manmade insulators, this award helps drive home the message that the use of natural materials offers a truly sustainable alternative for businesses that want to seriously address the climate challenges we all face.

“Coming after the challenges of the last two years, this award also reflects the hard work and resilience of the entire Woolcool team, as well as our valued wider family of suppliers, clients, customers and friends.”

Their packaging, found within our food & drink experiences, can be used in the home and garden. Great for bedding in the garden, people use them for cushions and pets love it. 

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