"Double Dutch twin founders, Joyce and Raissa, have a natural affinity with superlative drinks and excellend blendings."

We are delighted to stock Double Dutch within our hampers. Twin sisters, Joyce ad Raissa de Hass were raised in the Netherlands, and have a natural affinity with superlative drinks. After all, they come from the birthplace of gin! They have an authentic brand story and sustainability is at the heart of their business.

They saw how spirits were becoming so much more experimental, and noticed there was nothing exciting in the market of mixers, they believed there was room for this innovation, and this researched the market. Through speaking to mixologists, they were introduced to flavour pairing techniques. The sisters tried and tested their original products with friends and family and received amazing feedback! It remained important though that the mixers tasted amazing solo and use natural flavourings, so that they are a refreshing beverage as well as being enjoyed as the perfect mixer.

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