Elsham Wold Distillery

Same root, different directions.

It’s taken 8 years of passion, commitment and hard work to bring our vision of soil to spirit to life, and we are proud to be firmly planted at Elsham Wold Distillery, located just a few miles from where our spirit’s main ingredient was first cultivated.

Our team members have been working separately on the creation of a new, premium spirit since 2013 but it wasn’t until three families’ paths crossed in 2018 that the Elsham Wold Distillery became a reality. Since day one, the key to success had been finding the perfect blend, but we hadn’t realised that the blend of people was just as important as the perfect spirit recipe.

Together, we truly believed that locally-produced spirits from natural, raw ingredients could transcend the popular craft market and conquer the premium spirits industry. We set out to prove that quality produce, originating from our own farms across Lincolnshire, could create a premium single-estate potato vodka, from a simple ingredient on our doorstep that we already knew so well. This hands-on, sustainable approach to our spirit has been an important part of our journey, and one that we think can be tasted in every bottle.

award winning • craft distillery • family business
Our beating heart. Proud of our craft, we make 100% of our alcohol from raw ingredients and control the whole process ourselves. The distillery is an integral part of this, giving us both the ability and artistic license to create a base spirit that is completely our own.

Our single-variety premium English potato vodka has secured four internationally-recognised awards since its launch earlier this year. The multiple-award winning Edwards 1902 outscored some established vodka brands during the blind taste tests, indicating important industry support in its debut year.

Securing a Silver Spirit award in the prestigious International Wine and Spirit Competition, Edwards 1902 scored an impressive 92 out of a possible 100 in the double-blind taste test. The carefully selected, expert panel of judges described our first spirit as “a sweet, clean and cooling spirit with mineral notes and an earthy depth”.