Myers Quality Bakers Ltd

Myers, a traditional bakery in Horncastle have been producing the finest artisan breads, pastries and many other morning goods since 1901.

The family run business have won many awards for their products and continue to use the same recipes that have been in the family for four generations.

family ran bakery • sustainability • award winning
"Since 1981 we have extended our premises on three occasions to meet demand for our products. In 2001 we opened our Café Tea Room situated next door to our existing bakery and in 2009 we opened our deli and cheese shop, situated the other side of our bakery. With a growing consumer interest in speciality and regional produce, there has never been a better time for us to make people aware of what a delicious product we have to offer."

They have a vision in achieving even greater quality and value for their customers. Their new achievements will perfectly complement the traditions of the past.

Their constant strive for excellence in everything they do has helped them achieve numerous awards and recognition throughout the country.