Serious Pig

‘Like all the best stories…it started down the pub.’ 

Serious Pig was founded by two friends, George and Johnny. They pondered what would be the perfect snack to accompany any drink. They hit on the concept of a ‘posh peperami’, to be made of top quality British charcuterie. This is how the Serious Pig was born! They source high quality pork form the very best British farms. Once the pork is sourced, they ensure that the curing, roasting and packaging processes are rigorous. They obsess over the quality, taste and texture of all products, this guarantees that all herb and flavour combinations are perfect.

Snacking • Award Winning • Discerning
Founder, George is the ‘Boss Hog’ and for him a good day at work consists of variety. He likes to be involved within all areas of the business, making sure that they are problem free and running smoothly. General manager, Jo who is known as ‘The Process Queen’ loves the ambition and innovation of Serious Pig. She said ‘we know our values and we stick to them. I’m very proud of our products.’

James Watt, founder of BrewDog said “I’ve known the Serious Pig team for a few years and have watched them lead a revolution that’s close to BrewDog’s heart – similar to how we make craft beer, Serious Pig is passionate about craft snacks. I’ve got high hopes that they’re the ones ready to seriously lead the snacking revolution.”

For their snacking pickles, the Serious Pig sourced the finest, tastiest baby gherkins and gently pickled them. They’re crunchy and tangy- perfect with a drink. These pickles are already drained and so they are mess and fuss free!