IMP & MAKER Blackcurrant Vodka Liqueur


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  • IMP & MAKER Blackcurrant Vodka Liqueur 30% ABV x 1


Say hello to our exclusive IMP & MAKER Blackcurrant Vodka Liqueur velvety, boozy and bursting with currants.

New to the spirit world, our Vodka Liqueur has already been acclaimed for its exquisite flavours and can be found in some of the UK's most prestigious bars, hotels and retailers. Tasting so nice just over ice, it's the perfect tipple, or for added luxury, mix with Prosecco or champagne and enjoy these unique flavours with bubbles!

For more delicious ways to enjoy this Blackcurrant Liqueur, we include a cocktail recipe card with all our orders too.

30% ABV

£2.50 donation with all orders

Farm Africa

IMP & MAKER are proud supporters, and avid fundraisers for Farm Africa.