Limoncello Spritz Italian Gift Set



  • Luxardo Limoncello 70cl 27% ABV
  • 2 x Bottega Gold Mini Prosecco 20cl 11% ABV
  • Double Dutch Soda Water 200ml 
  • Ask Mummy & Daddy Italian Spritz Gummies 50g GF
  • Large Fresh Lemon for Garnish

Allergens: Sulphites

Pairing Notes: Luxardo Limoncello: Bright fresh citrus, lemon meringue, and hints of herbal verbena. Taste: Rich textured mouthfeel, tangy citrus, mouth-puckering acidity and well balanced sweetness that contains further layers of fresh citrus.


Bottega Gold; Fine bubbles, the wine is fruity with a floral and fresh bouquet. Hints of citrus on the finish.Bottega Gold is a classic Prosecco made from the Glera grape in Valdobbiadene. A superb aperitif fizz, this has notes of apple, pear, acacia and lily.


IMP LIMONCELLO SPRITZ - First, gather your ingredients, and fill a glass with ice.  We love using wine glasses for spritzes, but you could use a pint, highball, or rocks glass as well. Using a jigger or measuring cup, fill the glass with 2 oz of limoncello, 3 oz prosecco and 1 oz of club soda. Give the drink a quick stir and then add your garnishes, slice of lemon & a sprig of mint

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Product Description:

Introducing The Limoncello Spritz Gift Set by IMP & MAKER, a delightful homage to the zest and vibrancy of Italy's famed citrus liqueur. This carefully curated hamper offers all the essentials for crafting the perfect Limoncello Spritz cocktail experience at home.

At the heart of this exquisite collection is Luxardo Limoncello, a premium Italian liqueur renowned for its intense lemony flavour and smooth, refreshing finish. Paired with two Bottega Gold Mini Prosecco bottles, each brimming with 20cl of effervescent joy, you're poised for a sparkling journey of taste sensations.

To complement the citrusy allure of Limoncello, we've included Double Dutch Soda Water, ensuring a crisp and invigorating fizz that perfectly balances the liqueur's sweetness. For a playful touch, indulge your senses with Ask Mummy & Daddy's Italian Spritz Gummies, gluten-free delights bursting with vibrant citrus flavours.

And what's a Limoncello Spritz without the quintessential garnish? Fear not, as we've included a large fresh lemon, ready to be sliced and savoured, adding a burst of zest to your cocktail creation.

But the pièce de résistance? Our exclusive recipe: IMP LIMONCELLO SPRITZ Follow these simple steps to craft the perfect concoction: first, fill your glass with ice, then pour in 2 oz of Limoncello, 3 oz of Prosecco, and 1 oz of club soda. Give the mixture a quick stir, then garnish with a slice of lemon and a sprig of mint to enhance the visual and aromatic experience.

Elevate your at-home cocktail repertoire with The Limoncello Spritz Gift Set – a celebration of Italian craftsmanship and the art of aperitivo!

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