Peach Bellini Gift Experience


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  • Brilla Prosecco Doc 75cl/ 11% Abv
  • Santal Pesca/ Peach 250ml - 2 Glass Bottles
  • Edible Flowers - Mixed selection of violas, marigold and cornflowers.


Enjoy a taste of Italy with this incredible Peach Bellini Experience.
Pour a little Italian peach nectar into your glass and pour over the beautifully delicate Italian Brilla Prosecco and see the bubbles brim with fruity fragrance! For an added special touch, top with edible flowers or use the beautiful flower heads to garnish your serving area. For the most beautifully summery Italian cocktail at home. The perfect gift.

BRILLA! Prosecco Doc ENG

PRODUCTION AREA: Veneto, from the hills surrounding the area of Treviso.
CLIMATE: Temperate, mitigated by the sea, the chain of the Alps protects the region from the northern winds. Winters are cold and humid; summers are hot and muggy with medium temperature variations.
HARVEST: Second half of September
AGEING: 2 years

Refreshingly crisp with a delicate perlage, pale straw yellow color. Delicate and complex bouquet with fruity notes reminiscent of peach and green apple with secondary notes of acacia and lilac. Fresh and light on the palate, with balanced acidity and body; harmonious with a lingering aftertaste. Ideal as an aperitif, it pairs perfectly with hors d’oeuvres and delicate first courses. Also excellent with sushi, fish and shellfish.

About the Maker

Brilla! was born from this idea: combining the world of Prosecco with one of the greatest expressions of style and elegance: Jewels. Italy is one of the world leaders in jewellery design. The bottle of Brilla is the result of a design project that goes beyond a simple bottle of Prosecco: we chose experimentation, creativity and unconventional forms. We created a texture that is reminiscent of diamonds with a special emphasis on pear shaped diamonds, synonymous with purity and high-end jewellery. Once used to adorn the crowns worn by nobility, today they are forged into a bottle of Prosecco.

Santal Pesca/Peach Juice

Small glass bottles with Italian peach juice from Santal, refreshing and delicious.

With its sweet and velvety flavour, Santàl Peach Juice offers you all the goodness of fruit, excellent for quenching your thirst and supplying your body with minerals and nutrients. Santàl Peach is 100% natural, synonymous with goodness, quality, variety, assortment, innovation, expertise in the world of fruit and careful selection of raw materials. The products that make up the Santàl line are suitable for consumers of all ages, because they are rich in taste and the precious nutritional elements of fruit. 

Edible Pressed Flowers

Real flowers, perfect for decorating drinks and food plates with a mix of violas, marigold and cornflowers.

Great for Parties, Sharing, Special Occasions, Corporate Gifting, Entertaining, Birthdays. 

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