Signature Dine In Italian Experience



Hamper Contents - 6 Items:

  • Diforti Crostini Piemontesi 180g
  • Diforti Nduja Calabrian Spreadable Salami 180g
  • Diforti Sicilian Oregano 20g
  • Diforti Arrabbiata Pasta Sauce 330g
  • Tenuta Marmorelle Extra Virgin Olive Oil Infused with Natural Chilli 250ml
  • Di Martino Spaghetti with Dolce & Gabbana 500g

Allergens: Wheat 

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Product Description: 

Introducing our Signature Dine In Italian Experience, a culinary journey through Italy's rich gastronomic traditions, carefully curated to bring the authentic flavours of the Mediterranean to your table.

Begin your feast with the tantalising crunch of Diforti Crostini Piemontesi, perfectly baked to golden perfection and imbued with the aromatic essence of Piedmont. Pair it with the fiery kick of Diforti Nduja Calabrian Spreadable Salami, a taste sensation that captures the essence of southern Italy in every bite.

Enhance your dishes with the vibrant flavours of Diforti Sicilian Oregano, handpicked from the sun-drenched fields of Sicily, and the bold zest of Diforti Arrabbiata Pasta Sauce, a tantalising blend of ripe tomatoes and fiery chilli peppers.

Elevate your culinary creations with the exquisite richness of Tenuta Marmorelle Extra Virgin Olive Oil Infused with Natural Chilli, adding a touch of Mediterranean warmth to every dish. And what better way to experience Italy's pasta mastery than with Di Martino Spaghetti, adorned with the iconic Dolce & Gabbana label, a marriage of culinary excellence and haute couture flair.

Indulge in the art of Italian dining with our Signature Dine In Italian Experience, where every ingredient is a testament to tradition and quality. Whether you're celebrating a special occasion or simply craving a taste of Italy, let this curated collection transport you to the sun-kissed shores and bustling markets of the Mediterranean. Buon appetito!


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