Signature Italian Aperol Spritz Hamper



Hamper Contents - 9 Items:

  • Aprerol Aperitivo - 75cl 11.5% ABV
  • Bottega Gold Mini Prosecco 20cl 11% ABV
  • Diforti Nduja Calabrian Spreadable Salami 180g
  • Diforti Chilli Flakes 40g
  • Diforti Arrabbiata Pasta Sauce 330g
  • Di Martino Penne Pasta with Dolce & Gabbana 500g
  • Lazzaroni Amaretti Biscuits 200g
  • Diforti Crostini Olive Oil 200g
  • Diforti Salted Caramel Cannoli 200g GF

Pairing Notes: Aperol: Made from 100% Cortese grape, this San Silvestro Gavi wine 2021 has won an International Wine Challenge Award for its crisp and impressive flavours.


Bottega Gold; Fine bubbles, the wine is fruity with a floral and fresh bouquet. Hints of citrus on the finish.Bottega Gold is a classic Prosecco made from the Glera grape in Valdobbiadene. A superb aperitif fizz, this has notes of apple, pear, acacia and lily.


IMP APEROL SPRITZ - Making the perfect Aperol Spritz is as easy as 3-2-1. That’s a ratio of 3 parts Prosecco, 2 parts Aperol, 1 part soda water. If you’re measuring, that’s 75ml Prosecco, 50ml Aperol, 25ml soda. If you’re not measuring, just pour and judge by the colour. Aperol Spritz is best served with ice, in a large wine glass, garnished with a slice  of orange, in good company.

Allergens: Suphites, Wheat, Milk, Soy, Nuts

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Product Description:

Elevate your Italian dining experience with our Signature Italian Aperol Spritz Gift Box, a curated selection of premium products that embodies the essence of Italian indulgence. Crafted to perfection, this ensemble promises to transport you to the bustling streets of Italy, where every sip and bite is a celebration of tradition and flavour.

At the heart of this exquisite collection lies the iconic Aperol Aperitivo, a timeless Italian classic renowned for its vibrant orange hue and bittersweet flavour profile. Pair it with the golden effervescence of Bottega Gold Mini Prosecco, creating the perfect base for your refreshing Aperol Spritz cocktail.

Complementing the aperitif experience are the culinary treasures of Italy, carefully selected to tantalise your taste buds. Indulge in the bold and spicy notes of Diforti Nduja Calabrian Spreadable Salami and Diforti Chilli Flakes, adding a fiery kick to your charcuterie board.

Prepare to delight your senses with the rich and flavourful Diforti Arrabbiata Pasta Sauce, perfectly paired with the luxurious Di Martino Spaghetti adorned with the iconic Dolce & Gabbana label. And for a sweet finale, indulge in the decadent Lazzaroni Amaretti Biscuits and the irresistible Diforti Salted Caramel Cannoli, a gluten-free delight that promises to enchant with every bite.

Savour the crisp and satisfying crunch of Diforti Crostini Olive Oil, a true taste of Italian craftsmanship, as you sip your Aperol Spritz and revel in the moment.

Presented in our signature IMP & MAKER packaging, this Signature Italian Aperol Spritz Gift Box is more than just a gift – it's an invitation to savour the flavours of Italy in the comfort of your own home. Elevate your dining experience with this curated collection of premium Italian products, expertly crafted to inspire and delight. Saluti!

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