Sodastream Crystal Sparkling Water Maker - Black


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  • Sodastream Crystal Sparkling Water Machine - Black
  • 600ml Reusable Glass Carafe for Carbonating
  • 60L CO2 Gas Cylinder 


Create fizzy water in seconds - in Style!

With this sleek style Luxury Soda Stream including a beautiful re-usable glass carafe.

You don't need to go to the supermarket for your sparkling water. The Sodastream Crystal Sparkling Water Maker creates fizzy water in seconds using tap water, offering a healthy alternative to sugary drinks. You can even add some natural fruit to create some delicious flavour combinations.

600 ml glass carafe

Instead of plastic bottles, the Sodasteam Crystal makes sparkling water in a dishwasher-safe 600 ml glass carafe. Its stylish design makes it ideal for dinner parties or even just a night in on the sofa.

Make up to 60 litres of water

Cut down on single-use plastic bottles as you make up to 60 litres of sparkling water. It's a win-win situation – no more lugging heavy plastic bottles from the shop and you'll be helping the environment.

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