Strawberries & Cream


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  • Freshly Picked British Strawberries - 250g
  • Devon Cream Co. Double Cream Jar -170g 


The perfect way to indulge this summer, juicy freshly picked British Strawberries and award-winning Devonshire Double Cream. Simply spoon straight from the jar and top with mint for added perfection.

British Strawberries

Our strawberries are a delicious, quintessentially British fruit produced by only the finest makers across the UK. Ours are picked and sent for rigorous quality checks before making it into a punnet an into your bowl.

Fact from Our Maker

Strawberries support your immune system. Not only is the whole strawberry rich in plant antioxidants, but the red fleshy part is also extremely high in Vitamin C. Good for you as well as delicious!

Devon Cream Co. Double Cream Jar

Our Devonshire English Double Cream is dessert perfection with a thick and creamy consistency gifted from the grass fed cows milk its made from, with nothing else added . Simply spoon straight from the jar, perfect on a slice of pie, fresh fruit, waffles and pancakes. Perfection on fresh strawberries

About Our MAKER

The Devon Cream Company make silky smooth, indulgently creamy and luxuriously thick creams
at Coombe Castle, producing an exceptional range for over 30 years, using the finest quality milk. Their creams are made by gently heating full-cream cow’s milk to produce a thick, luxurious spoonable cream.
The heating process means that the cream has an extended chilled shelf life, making waste a thing of the past. All products are 100% natural, and are preservative and additive free, staying fresh for five days once opened.


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