Dedham Vale Dry Aged & Grass Fed British Tomahawk Steak 1-1.3kg


Our show-stopping Tomahawk Steak is locally sourced for its intensity of flavour and high-welfare farming credentials and will not fail to impress on taste or presentation. This exquisite grass-fed steak from the Dedham Vale is a luxury Tomahawk dry aged steak over 28 days for the most mouth wateringly tender, unmatched Steak Experience.  We are here to make your Tomahawk Experience Perfect!

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  • Dedham Vale Tomahawk Steak 1-1.3 kg
  • Our Tomahawk Steaks come with full cooking instructions and beautifully presented free recipe cards



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Product Information

Dedham Vale cattle graze exclusively on grass in the fields and water meadows in the summer, and on hay harvested from the farm during winter. The animals are kept to the highest welfare standards and do not receive any cereals or supplementary feed at all, creating a meat of the highest quality and sublime flavour. All our Tomahawk Steaks come with full cooking instructions and beautiful recipe cards to guarantee your exclusive British steak experience is perfect.

The BENEFITS of Choosing Grass Fed Beef!

  • Lower total fat levels compared to grain-fed beef
  • Significantly more antioxidants including Vitamin E
  • Significantly more CLA (conjugated linoleic acid)
  • Up to three times more Omega-3 & Omega-6
  • Higher levels of beneficial minerals including zinc, iron, phosphorus, sodium & potassium



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