Tomahawk Steak Taster Experience


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  • Dedham Vale Tomahawk Steak 1kg to 1.3kg – Aged for up to 28 Days. British & Grass Fed Beef 

  • Potts' Three Peppercorn Sauce with Brandy - 250g
  • Cherry Vine Tomatoes - 450g

  • Mixed Leaf Salad - 120g
  • Melody Potatoes - 2kg

£2.50 from every hamper is donated to Farm Africa Charity


Our Tomahawk Steak Taster Experience gives you a flavour of our Luxury range, featuring our show-stopping Tomahawk Steak, impeccably sourced for its flavour and high-welfare farming credentials. Serve with delicious potato wedges, micro-salad and oven roasted, vine-ripened tomatoes. For even more flavours to saviour, we include peppercorn and brandy pouring sauce. All made easy to serve to perfection with our fantastic recipes and tips.

Dedham Vale Tomahawk Steak 1kg to 1.3kg – Aged for up to 28 Days - British Grass Fed Beef 

Our Show-stopping Dedham Vale, Tomahawk Steak is Dry Aged for 28 Days for the most mouth wateringly tender, succulent Steak Experience.

An opportunity to get your hands on dry aged, totally grass fed beef, butchered into the most fabulous Tomahawk Steak, from a small family farm in the Dedham Vale. 

Traditional British breeds grow well on grass producing beautiful, well-marbelled meat.  Dedham Vale cattle, graze exclusively on grass – out in the fields and water meadows of the Stour in the summer, and in winter, on hay harvested from the farm.  The animals do not receive any cereals or supplementary feed at all, just grass!

The BENEFITS of Choosing Grass Fed Beef!

  • Lower total fat levels compared to grain-fed beef
  • Significantly more antioxidants including Vitamin E
  • Significantly more CLA (conjugated linoleic acid)
  • Up to three times more Omega-3 & Omega-6
  • Higher levels of beneficial minerals including zinc, iron, phosphorus, sodium & potassium



About the Maker

Dedham Vale is a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty on the Essex-Suffolk border in east England and is home to some of the UKs best and most prestigious cattle farmers. Dedham Vale cattle, graze exclusively on grass and hold the highest quality beef with full traceability, sustainability, and welfare accreditations. All beef under this prestigious brand is raised by small holder farmers from family farms that really care about their livestock and product quality is centric to their farming methodologies.

A truly stunning cut of meat, this juicy, melt-in-the mouth showstopper needs little more than piping hot wedges as an accompaniment.

Potts Three Peppercorn Sauce with Brandy

A favourite in the IMP' household, using rich green peppercorns, spicy black pepper and fragrant pink peppercorns along with a good splash of brandy.

Simply warm in the pan after you have cooked your steak and pour over. Also great with duck breast or in a potato gratin.

Cherry Vine Tomatoes 

Perfect as part of a salad, don't be fooled by their size as these little beauties are still bursting with juice and flavour. They have a much sweeter flavour than ordinary tomatoes.

Mixed Leaf Salad

A crisp mix of green and red lettuce leaves, with a mild flavour. 1 of your 5 a day. Washed and ready to eat.

Melody Potatoes

Melody is a smooth skinned potato with a yellow flesh which it quite dry. Ideal for mashing, boiled or wedges. Purchased directly from the farm for your fork!


Great for Sharing, Dinner Parties, Special Occasions, Corporate Gifting, Entertaining, Birthdays. 

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