Christmas Camembert Sharing Hamper

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Immerse yourself in the ultimate cheese experience this festive season with IMP & MAKER’s Christmas Camembert Sharing Board. Every item has been hand-selected for its exceptional provenance, quality and flavour credentials from our award-winning artisan suppliers and makers.

Famous Camembert de Normandie is an iconic French soft cheese with a creamy texture and delicious earthy mushroom flavour. Hand ladled from raw cow’s milk, this classic is great as it comes or baked to become a temptingly warm and runny delight. We recommend serving as a fondue style dish – use the artisan sourdough loaf, as the bowl and simply tear off chunks to dip into the gloriously gooey cheese. Absolute perfection accompanied by Tracklements fruity cranberry, port & orange sauce - as red and rosy as a cherub’s cheeks, it’s festive jollity in a pot. Made with whole cranberries, the tingling tartness works like a dream with the rich camembert.

To add to your camembert experience, we’ve included pickled onions in cider vinegar with chilli from The Fine Cheese Co., perfect for adding a touch of spice and crunch, along with whole bright green Nocellara del Belice olives in light brine. A true Sicilian delicacy, also known as Castelvetrano Olives due to their place of origin, they bring a sweet, mild and buttery taste to your cheese platter. 

Top it all off with Belazu’s luxury nut mix, containing almonds, cashews, macademias and pecans, hand roasted in small batches and seasoned with the bold richness of pecorino cheese and white truffle flavours, and luxury limited edition crisps from Savoursmiths in scrumptious Christmas ham with umami truffle glaze flavour.

This delightful collection is designed for sharing and indulging with loved ones, featuring a combination of gourmet treats that are perfect for festive gatherings. Accompanied by the finest cheese, pickled onions, savoury olives, and a range of delectable snacks, it's the ultimate gift for cheese lovers and those who appreciate the art of sharing during the festive season.

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