The Foraging Fox

‘Elevate the Everyday into the Extraordinary…’ 

The Foraging Fox was founded by two friends, Desiree and Frankie in 2015. The brand name was inspired by Frankie’s father, Ronald Fox, he was a plant and mushroom expert. The original foraging fox! The recipes started as an adventurous kitchen project, they started by finding and growing things in their own garden, exploring ways to preserve their produce. Looking for a way to use a bumper crop of beetroot and apples one year, Frankie and her children developed a recipe that was soon a hit with everyone!

Award Winning • Fresh Produce • Artisan
What started as a happy chance soon led to a mission. A mission to make food more exciting, healthier and delicious! Bored of bland, the Foraging Fox have made it there goal to bring something new to the table. People all over the world are looking for better, food that is made better and has been carefully crafted. This means people can enjoy the taste of their products, whilst knowing that they will be good for you.

By 2018, the pair had made their debut in stores across the UK, Germany and Holland. They needed to bring their ketchups to a wider audience, and by 2019 developed all natural mayonnaises. These have won accolades from critics, journalists and shoppers alike. The garlic mayonnaise for example has a creamy and silky texture. It was the first to market flavour and has no artificial ingredients within it. It is also versatile, and can be used as a traditional mayo or as an ingredient.

They’re inspired by wild and wacky ingredients, mixes that you’d think would never work but then become the best new flavour. The Foraging Fox keep exploring new and unforgettable tastes. They commit to adventures in food, this has to be done using the best quality, better for you ingredients. They don’t cut any corners!